The Grieve Trucking Family

Joseph J. Grieve Jr.

Joseph J. Grieve, Jr. is a native of Colorado growing up in the city of Arvada.  He graduated with a Bachelor’s of Art degree from the University of Denver majoring in Religious Studies with a minor in Business and Leadership. In 1994, Joe Jr. began working for his dad in the shop while attending high school and continuing through the end of college. 

After obtaining his CDL in 1997, Joe Jr. drove for Grieve Trucking until 2005 when he took over the role of Equipment Manager where he oversees all fleet maintenance and equipment purchase.  Joe Jr. successfully developed and implemented our current maintenance program. Today, all 30 of our trucks meet or exceed all Federal and State safety requirements. His hard work and dedication to Grieve Trucking has been an intricate part our business growth and success throughout our many years.

Frank Grieve


Frank Grieve is a native of Colorado growing up in the city of Arvada. He graduated from the University of Denver with a Bachelor’s of Science degree majoring in Psychology with a minor in Business Administration. Frank began working for Grieve Trucking part-time during college helping his dad and brother with maintenance duties. 

In 2000, Frank became a full-time member of the Grieve Trucking family, helping his dad, Joe Sr. with dispatch responsibilities. Then in 2002, Frank acquired the role of Operations Manager. As the Operations Manager, his responsibilities include daily dispatch, employee hiring, and accounts payable/receivable.  Frank’s business and communication skills have contributed to new customer and business growth while strengthening current business relationships.

Danielle Grieve


Danielle Grieve is also a native of Colorado and grew up in the city of Arvada. She also graduated from the University of Denver with a Bachelor’s of Art degree majoring in Fine Art and with a minor in Psychology. Danielle began working at Grieve Trucking part-time while attending college assisting with invoicing and filing duties. 

After graduating college in 2004, Danielle began the first several years of her career with a Denver based purchasing firm as a Project Coordinator that specialized in hotel renovations and furnishings. After realizing a new opportunity to help cultivate and improved the family business she decided to return to Grieve Trucking. In 2008, Danielle acquired the role of Office Manager. As the Grieve Trucking Office Manager, Danielle’s responsibilities include invoicing, payroll and accounts receivable. Danielle’s organizational skills and corporate experience have contributed to greater office efficiencies and processes.